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With the Rockies signing Hundley to a two year six million dollar contract, its seems to me that Willan Rosario days in a Rockies uniform are numbered. The fact that his defense is suspect and he is arbitration eligible, a trade to the American league makes a lot of sense,

With Rosario in the last year of a long term contract.  i took a flyer on Rosario and traded him.  In return, YaGottaBelieve acquired Tony Cingrani who has an option for a long term contact. As a result, he will be priced at either $10 or $15 in the upcoming season.

That trade now gives YGB two starters from the Reds on its active roster with $27 Bailey and $10 Cingrani. In addition, YGB has two relievers in Rosenthal $7, and $10 Mejia.


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It’s World Series time in baseball. For many baseball fans, this means that your best friends for the next week straight are your high definition television and the coziest spot on your couch. The World Series marks the best four to seven games of the year featuring the two greatest teams in baseball. And this year those teams are the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers.

The Cardinals are clearly the underdog in the 2011 World Series, which is nothing new from every other series they have played in the 2011 Playoffs. The Cards fought their way to a spot in the NLDS, being pulled in at the last minute as the National League wild card. The momentum from their end-of-season winning streak has carried them well into the playoffs, as they beat the Phillies 3-2 in the NLDS and the Brewers 4-2 in the NLCS. They now lead the World Series with home field advantage 1 – 0 against the Texas Rangers.

The Rangers were a top contender all season long in the American League. Finishing the regular season ranked 1st in the AL West and 2nd overall in the American League to the power house New York Yankees, the Rangers have proven to be a force in this post-season. The Rangers stomped the Rays in the ALDS with a 3-1 series win, and then went on to beat the Tigers four games to two. Now returning to the World Series for the 2nd consecutive year, they are looking to clinch the win and take home the title. This will be the first series in the playoffs where they will not have home field advantage, so winning on Cardinals’ soil is a must if they want to claim the trophy.

Best of seven wins this final series and we’re only one game in. Game 2 will be held at Busch Stadium tonight at 8:05pm (Eastern Time) with pitching lineup Jaime Garcia (STL) vs. Colby Lewis (TX). Tune in and watch the best action in baseball. If you’d rather be at the stadium for the full experience, World Series tickets are still available! Game on.

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We can forecast on how we think a player will perform in each category. Some of these statistical categories reward playing time (i.e. HR,RBI,K,W) , where others are based on the success rate  (AVG,ERA)

Everyone has their secret formula about how they make these projection, but the bottom line is we will be happy just knowing the numbers are close. We do not need to know how close the number are , we just care that we are within the range of the actual numbers .



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After being on Sirius a few years ago, I finally made it back to Satellite radio. This time on the XM wing of  the company.

XM 175:



First Pitch
Weekdays 7 am – 10 am ET
Jim Memolo and Rob Dibble

Power Alley Jim Duquette and Kevin Kennedy
Weekdays 10 am – 2 pm ET

Inside Pitch Casey Stern and Jim Bowden
Weekdays 2 pm – 6 pm ET, Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm ET

MLB Tonight (MLB Network Staff)
Weekdays 6 pm – 8 pm ET

MLB Roundtrip
Weekdays 8 pm – 12 am ET

Minors and Majors Grant Paulsen
Sundays 8 am – 10 am ET

Remember When Ed Randall and Rico Petrocelli
Saturdays 8 am – 10 am ET

MLB Roundtrip Saturday Grant Paulsen
Saturdays 1 pm – 4 pm ET

Baseball Today Holden Kushner & Jim Duquette
Sundays 10 am – 1 pm ET

MLB Roundtrip Sunday
Sundays 1 pm – 4 pm ET
Talk about the news of the day and get insight on your team’s roster moves from former GM Jim Bowden.

Home Plate Jeff Joyce & Jeff Nelson
Weekends 4 pm – 7 pm ET

XM 147:



7 am ET – RotoExperts w/ Scott Engel & Adam Ronis
10 am ET – SiriusXM Fantasy Basketball w/ Dennis Scott
11 am ET – RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today w/ Jeff Erickson & Derek Van Riper
2 pm ET – SiriusXM Fantasy Baseball w/ Steve Phillips & Jeff Rickard
5 pm ET – SiriusXM Fantasy Drive w/ Kyle Elfrink, Kay Adams & Ray Flowers
8 pm ET – Fantasy Baseball Tonight w/ Craig Mish

Ray Flowers on his web site is offering free fantasy information

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Each year, USA Today comes out with their 100 names you need to know for the upcoming season. This is a good resource of getting to know some of the minor league players that are usually at that point of their career where they are ready make a big impact at the major league level.

Here are a few of the players making the 2011 top ten of the “100 Names You Need to Know:

#1 Aroldis Chapman

Bullpen is the answer to the first big question about the Cuban flamethrower for this season. That’s where he’ll pitch, though the Reds aren’t ruling out a future role in their rotation. The next question revolves around when and if he could take over for closer Francisco Cordero, who is entering the final guaranteed year of his contract ($12 million option for 2012) and allowed baserunners last season at the highest rate of his career.

#2 Craig Kimbrel

Kimbrel, 22, got a taste of key late-inning situations late last season and in the playoffs. His 14.4 strikeouts-per-nine-innings rate through three minor league seasons was impressive enough, but he boosted that to 16.9 in his 25 combined regular season and playoff innings in the majors last year.

#3 Freddy Freeman

Freeman will show up this spring with the first base job and expectations he can be as impactful as Heyward. A lefty like his close friend Heyward, Freeman’s best attribute might be his defense, though he finished in the Class AAA International League’s top 10 in batting before turning 21 in September. His 18 homers last year dispelled concerns the 6-5, 225-pounder might not develop big-time power.

#6 Logan Morrison

Florida has plenty to chirp about with its trio of young studs on offense. Twitter-happy Morrison – and not Mike Stanton or Gaby Sanchez – remains eligible for our list thanks to his late-July 2010 call-up. Morrison moved to the outfield last year after older Sanchez beat him out for the Marlins’ first base job.

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With the NFL labor battle taking shape, the talk of any football is clearly on mute until that matter reaches a resolution. But, this just in: It’s baseball time again! As we speak, the Boys of Summer are on their way to spring training camps across Florida and Arizona. The pitchers and catchers arrive early, in order to get their arms warmed for the first game which starts on February 26th.

Over the next few weeks, the focus here at Baseball Happenings will be getting you thinking baseball again. Just like the players, managers, and the general managers, you have to prepare for the upcoming season. Fantasy baseball or Roto for that matter is all about making good business decisions.

There are certain strategies for the typical rotation drafts, and other ways for participating in a full blown auction draft.

I dabble in fantasy play. Or, you could say I live and breathe fantasy baseball. Each year I play in two NL only auction leagues. In addition, I am a commissioner for one mixed league rotation draft, and have a few other pending leagues that are getting started up.

Here we use both the traditional statistics such that are used in typical 5×5 leagues. As well, we make use of sabermetrics to help with some of the decision making.

Moreover, this year I plan on discussing some of the new strategies I have learned over this off season. These are ideas I have never used before, but have become educated on the new ideas.

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It was opening day for the 2010 season for a handful of teams. Let’s not get carried away with success with one day of statistics, as we all remember the “Emilio Bonifacio” on the highlight reel last opening day. He brought back memories of Tuffy Rhodes with his offensive outburst, only to be a footnote as the year progressed.

Here is a look at how some of my fantasy players performed on opening day. Lets start with the Cheers.These players started the season off on a high note:

  • Carlos Gonzalez 4-5
  • Brian McCann 2-3 HR  3R
  • Todd Helton 2-5
  • Brandon Phillips 1-4 2RBI SB
  • Hanley Ramirez 2-4 SB
  • Johnny Damon 2-4 2R 2RBI
  • Mark DeRosa 1-3 HR
  • Ubaldo Jimenez 6IP 6K W 1.5 ERA
  • David Wright 1-3 HR 2RBI
  • Placido Polanco 3-5 HR 6 RBI
  • Juan Fransisco 1-1 RBI (MLB debut)


  • Jacob Ellsbury 0-5
  • Josh Johnson 5IP 7.2 ERA
  • Derek Lee 0-3 R
  • Aki Awamura 0-4
  • Mike Jacobs 0-4
  • Wil Venable 0-4
  • Dan Uggla 0-3
  • Ian Desmond 0-2
  • Ryan Franklin 1IP, 2ER
  • Clay Hensley .1IP  2HA 1ER
  • John Garland 6R, 2ER
  • Evereth Cabrera 0-3
  • Adam LaRoche  0-5
  • Melky Cabrera 0-5

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