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Wonderboy 2015

Josh Hamilton was the first overall pick of the Tampa Bay Rays all those years ago. He went from phenom hitter to washed up and out of baseball player after he got messed up with drugs. His original team gave up on him and the Cincinnati Reds gave him a chance. He had the support of Reds both on and off the field. Likewise with Rangers, even when he had a few relapse the Rangers had a support system in place for Hamilton. Now, comes a bad sequence of events for Josh  including a drug relapse and a failed marriage while with the Angels in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the Angels only cared about the on the field player, and in the support category for whatever reason they did not have his back.  Some nasty tweets from a few bloggers and reporters were uncalled for: http://www.baseballessential.com/news/2015/04/30/baseball-players-people/


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A few weeks ago we were wondering about Mattingly’s wife and what happened ? The Daily News has a story and pictures about Mattingly’s life, and Donnie’s current unfortunate situation. My first memory of Mattingly was the summer of 1983, when both Don and Steve Balboni were getting a shot at the first base job after being called up from minors.

brett_livid.jpg In fact, I happened to be visiting friends in New York and witnessed the Pine Tar Incident Game on the Yankee broadcast. Recently, I was thinking about a baseball related user name for some account I was creating. I gave it the name of The Pine Tar Incident since that game was one of the most memorable games that I ever watched.

More Blasts From Around the Web:

Piniella  predicted number of wins:  89 wins. Chone has the NL and AL predictions too. 89 wins for my Rays!

We’re Talking Squawking Baseball on  Cone for Ed Hearn

Brock for Broglio has PrOPS .

A great week of content at Greeny’s site. with DIPs, Contact Rate rate, Home / Road standouts.

If you own Hanley like I do, check out the Disabled Informer on HRam

Jason Stark covers the history making arbitration win for Ryan Howard. Will Phillies slugger ask them to “Show me the Money” with a  136 Million next?

I thought Heyman’s GM  list was ridiculous. Glad someone else does too.

I did not Know Topkin of Times wrote for Melnick and Greco?

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I get what the Seattle Mariners are trying to do in the American League West. With the Oakland A’s and the Texas Rangers more than likely taking themselves out of contention with their rebuilding moves, there is no better time to strike a blockbuster deal that make them a serious player. Its been a long time since personalities like Ken Griffey Jr., Alex Rodriquez, Tino Martinez, and Randy Johnson were faces of the franchise. It’s a steep price to pay to obtain Erik Bedard, but a move they have to make to compete. Whoever you call your favorite team, you hope they make a move like this that gives the fans a chance. There will always be tommorows, but the fans focus are more concerned about the todays.

For every team that has the player with all the out of his world skills. A team can only hope a presence emerges in addition to that talent. In a football analogy, The Carolina Hurricanes hoped that Julius Peppers would be one. It didn’t happen. The Mets lucked out with David Wright. With all the press clippings several years ago in NL East about super prospect Andy Marte, Wright initially stayed off the radar. But, not any more. Every team can only wish they had the combination player and a presence like what David Wright has evolved into:

Three full seasons, two All-Star games, one post season (NLDS and NLCS) one Silver Slugger Award, 553 hits, 83 home runs, 325 RBI, a .312 batting average and 474 regular season games later, Wright, now 25, is experiencing another career evolution: leadership.

Wright no longer “keeps to himself.”

Hanley Ramirez earns top of his peers honor.

The Traditional vs New Age debate.

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The list season continues with the most influential people in online sports from a business perspective. I can’t say I have really heard of most of the folks. I tend to favor this list of the 20 most influential sports bloggers.

We know about Carl Pavano and that fact that he was concealed his injury last season from the organization. But, I doubt you can conceal his better half.

Jason Marquis, the former Braves farmhand who went from a decent young pitcher to a big time flop last season under Tony LaRussa. Despite the bad year, the Cubs penciled him into their rotation with a big time contract. Here is one reason to be optimistic about Marquis.

Pecota and their dead on projections by BP. Rays Index takes a look at the Rays pitching projections.

Wow, a new chapter in the Book Game of Shadows.

Earlier this year, I mentioned about the lack of baseball content at Aol’s Fan House. Well, that has changed since my mention.

Spring Stats. Do they mean anything? I mentioned this last spring that these numbers would be interesting to look back on.

Gary Mathews Jr. goes from a player who can’t break as a regular player for years, to a player who lands a multi-year big time contract. You do the math. Apparently, the Angels did not not do their homework.

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