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The final rosters do not have to be finalized until Sunday afternoon, but looking at what we know today, here’s how I see it in the NL West:

Pos Giants Rockies Padres Dodgers D-Backs
C Molina Ianetta Hundley Martin Montero
1B Huff Helton Gonzalez Loney LaRoche
2B Uribe Barmes Eckstein DeWitt Johnson
SS Renteria Tolowitzki Cabrera Furcal Drew
3B Sandoval Stewart Headley Blake Reynolds
LF DeRosa Gonzalez Blanks Ramirez Jackson
CF Rowand Fowler Gwynn Jr Kemp Young
RF Schierholtz Hawpe Venable Ethier Upton
OF Bowker Smith Hairston Johnson Parra
OF Lewis
Spilboroghs Stairs Anderson Macias
IF Ishikawa Mora Hairston Jr. Amezaga Abreu
IF Veliz Giambi Salazar Belliard Roberts
C Whiteside Olivo Torrealba Ausmus Snyder
SP Lincecum Jimenez Garland Padilla Haren
SP Cain Francis Young Kershaw Jackson
SP Zito Cook Correia Billingsly Kennedy
SP Sanchez de la Rosa Richard
Kuroda Lopez
SP Wellemeyer Hammel Latos Haeger Benson
RP Wilson Morales Bell Broxton Qualls
RP Affeldt Bentacourt Adams Sherill Howry
RP Romo Corpas Gregerson Troncoso Gutierrez
RP Pucetas Flores Gallagher Ortiz Zavada
RP Medders Belisile Mujica Weaver Heilman
RP Runzler Smith Stauffer
Miller Boyer
25th Rohlinger Dayley Russell
Carroll Bailey
  • Giants: Peguero, Ford, Escobar, Cameron, Martinez, Posey, Buress, Sanchez, Torres
  • Rockies : Redding, Beimel, Street, Buchholz, Spier, LoDuca, Eldred, Phelps, Escobar, Hererra, Reynolds
  • Padres: Denorfia, LeBlanc, Antonelli, Cunningham, Durango,Thatcher, Barfield, Munson, Geer, Inman, Poreda
  • Dodgers: Ortiz, Wade, Monasterios, Ayala, Towers, Kuo, Hu, Ellis, Green, Barton, Paul, Belisario
  • D-Backs: Webb, Vazquez, Kroenke, Rosales, Noberto, Ojeda, Ryal, Hester, Mulvey, Buckner, Allen, Gillespie, Augenstein,

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The Dodger’s finally ran out of room on the roster for Delwyn Young. In the minors as an infielder he crushed the ball, but his defense made him into an outfielder. His  bat is intriquing, but as he turns 27 this years old, he is running out of chances. In the right situation, it would be interesting  to see what he might be able to do.

We lost Harry Kalas yesterday.  Here are some of the memories of him:

World Series Calls

Its Outa Here

Philliadelphia long time writer Jayson Stark

Mark “The Bird” Fidrych is gone too. I was just watching a feature they had on him over the weekend on MLB network. I’ll never forget him as he was someone I grew up watching his first year in the league.

MLB.tv q&a

Tom is still Terrific

David Wells is now miked

Zach Duke – is he back?

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The Rays could of taken a high end catcher in this years draft , as they held the first overall pick and Gerald “Buster” Posey of Florida State was a name making the rounds. But, there is a new sheriff in Town. Dioner Navarro is his name. It is several years after the trade with the Dodgers, Navarro is finally looking like a talent both with his bat and his leadership skills behind the plate. I am not sure what has transpired with him, but the Rays are certainly well stocked at the catcher position with Shawn Riggins a young capable catcher baking him up.

The Rays also took a chance on Willy Aybar taking him from the bargain basement bin of the Braves. In Aybar, they have a valuable backup who can fill in all over the field. The Rays were patient with Aybar, and are now being rewarded. Seems like another score for the Andrew Friedman who also got infielder Chase Fontaine in the deal.

In other news. Here in North Carolina where are regional teams are “supposed” to be the O’s and the Nats, we are blacked out seeing their games by a cable dispute. So unless we drive over 250 miles, we can not see a game from either of those teams. Gone are the Braves on TBS for the most part. Thus, unless you buy some games over the air in media packages like Extra Innings, or MLB.TV, our only avenue for watching games is Fox’s game of the week, or games on ESPN.

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In 2007, Jake Peavy was rewarded with his first Cy Young award as a 19 time game winner, while pitching most of his games in pitcher friendly Petco Park. His progression from one of the best best power pitching prospects in baseball, to one of the best pitchers in all of baseball seemed to have started in 2005. But, after the impressive 2005 season, his 2006 season was slightly a disappointment. But, fantasy owners who showed him the faith got to witness a Tom Seaver like season. With the 19 wins, an ERA of 2.54, a WHIP at 1.06, strikeout rate of 9.67 per 9 innings (which amounted to 240 Ks), these pitching numbers were the equivalent of a hitter winning the triple crown.

One thing I thought is interesting about Peavy, is he is a balanced flyball/ ground ball pitcher.

Peavy 254 .266 253 68 13 9.67 2.76 2.54 1.06 .7125 (6th)

For example, his teammate Chris Young who had a real nice season in 2007 had only 131 ground balls (GB) on the season, where as two other very good pitchers in Brandon Webb and Hudson had over 400 ground balls on the season.

Hudson 441 .281 298 53 10 5.30 3.40 3.33 1.22 .7188 (7th)
Webb 431 .277 295 72 12 7.39 3.18 3.01 1.19 .7066(10th)
Lowe 398 .278 293 59 20 6.64 3.89 3.88 1.27 .6991 (16th)
Oswalt 361 .300 324 60 14 6.54 3.51 3.18 1.33 .6997(15th)
Maddux 359










The balls that are put in play on the ground are much harder to turn an out with than fly balls are as indicated by higher BABIP.

James, C 157


295 58 32 6.47 5.19 4.24 1.38 .7188 (7th)
Young, C 131


183 72 10 8.69 3.43 3.12 1.10 .7125 (6th)

With Ground ball pitchers, the success the pitcher exhibits depends highly on the defense. Where as, fly balls are easier to make an out with. If a pitcher that is balanced like Peavy, he gets the benefits of getting the easier outs with the fly balls, and have the infield defense to help you out on the ground balls. A stat that measures this is Defensive Efficiency Ratio (DER ) :

measures the percentage of times balls in play are turned into outs by the team’s fielders, not including homeruns. There are different versions of the formula for DER but one most commonly used is (BFP-H-K-BB-HBP-0.6*E)/(BFP-HR-K-BB-HBP) where BFP = batters faced pitcher, H=hits allowed, K=strikeouts, BB=walks allowed, HBP=hits batsmen and E=errors

Thus, for these ground ball pitchers in 2007, How did their defense help them is worth taking a look at.

Hudson 441 .281 .7188 (7th)
Webb 431 .277 .7066(10th)
Lowe 398 .278 .6991 (16th)
Oswalt 361 .300 .6997(15th)
Maddux 359



So, all these pitchers with the high number of ground balls, are backed with defenses that are good at making outs when the ball gets in play. Take some of these pitchers, and place them with a bad defense, it would be interesting how there numbers would turn out.

One last thing I decided to do was take a look at the Range of the infielders involved in these good ground ball pitchers. I used Dave Pinto’s PMR:

uses play-by-play data to determine the probability of a ball in play being converted to an out based on six parameters: Direction of hit (a vector), The type of hit (Fly, ground, line drive, bunt), How hard the ball was hit (slow, medium, hard), The park, The handedness of the pitcher, The handedness of the batter.

Arizona (99.87 19th)

C 1B 2B SS 3B
96.26 (24th) 99.98 (14th) 104.12 (4th) 100.82 (11th) 94.61 (28th)

Braves (100.66 10th)

C 1B 2B SS 3B
115.67(2nd) 104.28(7th) 97.70 (22nd) 99.22 (17th) 99.90 (15th)

San Diego (100.08 17th)

C 1B 2B SS 3B
95.97 (25th) 105.21 (5th) 96.61 (27th) 98.44(22nd) 98.37 (18th)

Los Angeles (99.87 20th)

C 1B 2B SS 3B
108.91 (5th) 97.07 (19th) 96.99 (25th) 105.60 (3rd) 100.85 (14th)

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In an interesting move, another former L.A. Dodger is now property of the Tampa Bay Rays. Except this time Ned Colletti was not involved. The Rays already had one former Dodger prospect Joel Guzman in the infield mix, now they have Will Aybar who can play both 2B and 3B. At one time, Aybar was considered the Dodgers the second baseman of the future. As far as a player who can fill a valuable role as a backup, I like this move. However, he most likely will be battling Guzman for a spot on the team. Aybar is a good insurance policy if the problems of last year are behind him. Also included in the deal is Chase Fontaine another middle infield prospect who in the past has shown an offensive part of his game. With Chase thrown in, I love this trade. Another good Friedman deal.

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Jackie Robinson‘s 60 year anniversary of 4-15-1947 debut.


Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports and the American Dream


Jackie Robinson Heroes America


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Billingsley‘s 2006 data with Dodgers:

Billingsley‘s 2006 data with Las Vegas

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