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I can remember that miracle rookie season of 1988, Mark McGwire hitting home runs at a mammoth pace.  Its hard to recall someone coming on the scene and being a slugger like we were witnessing that year.  With his Bash Brother counterpart Jose Canseco, these guys were the talk of baseball.

We have heard the Jose Canseco claims that McGwire participated in steriods as they were slugging home runs together in Oakland. I don’t really believe McGwire saying he did not discuss steroids with any other players, as I believe it was Jose Canseco that introduced McGwire to the steroid lifestyle.

Sure, McGwire had been blessed with the ability to crush a baseball. However, steroids do help you. In the steroid era, the record setting numbers were enhanced like never before. I am puzzled why he took this long to come clean. I believe he did go on an exile, refusing to speak to reporters. Additionally, it’s hard to  believe that  reporters failed to approach him to tell his story.

As McGwire gets ready to start a job in baseball, I find it hard to believe he will not become a distraction to the St Louis Cardinals. It will be a traveling roadshow in every town he enters. Instead of the players on the field being the focus when the Cardinals come to town,  the local press will replay the steroid story.

I wonder at what point McGwire fessed up to LaRussa on the steroids. Was it after he accepted the job as the hitting coach, or is it something that McGwire wanted to get off his chest before starting his new job. In a way, he did prevent alot of the negativity that was sure to come his way, as the last image we have of him is his claiming to congress that ‘We are not here to talk about the past’.

I am sure as a man, its freeing to get this out of his system and to turn the page. We’ll see how this plays out, but he sure has a lot more explaining to do.


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It was MLBTR with their weighing in on the Barry Bonds situation. Originally, I had Braves #1 on possible landing:

1. Braves: The Braves have career backup Matt Diaz slated to be the starter. Bonds could serve a role here.

7. Rays: He would just have to beat out Gomes at DH. Baldelli eventually would have to get hurt also.

However, as one reader graciously told me :

Perhaps you don’t realize that Hank Aaron is a Vice President with the Braves organization, and one of the most loved figures in Atlanta sports history (along with Dale Murphy and most members of the ‘91 Braves team).

The Braves fans would revolt if Bonds, who most likely used performance enhancing drugs to break Aaron’s record, was even CONSIDERED by Frank Wren and the rest of Atlanta’s management.

In Phil Rogers, I don’t take alot of stock usually in what he says. But, I guess he was grasping at straws like I was in finding a place where Bonds might fit in.

As far as the Bonds in a brand spanking new Rays uniform, I did say that I thought there was a chance that Rays would explore Bonds. I sort of felt a little misquoted here though. I thought public opinion would factor heavily on what Mr. Friedman and Mr. Sternberg decided to do on this issue. The fact that you have not heard the brain trust all out dismiss it, there is still a chance of it happening. We did hear Friedman say he should be fired if he did not look into something that would help this team out.

After spending a lot of time cleansing the clubhouse this off-season, it would be a change as Bonds will come with a lot of baggage wherever he goes. The good thing to come out of this it has been seeing Carl Crawford speaking up about Rays franchise.

Usually when a player speaks up about the Rays, its usually a player throwing a player under the bus. The tirades we saw out of Delmon when he did not get the major league recall a few years ago, and the episode last season where our manager took him out of the game come to mind.

I still find it hard to envision Bonds playing again as in this now public testimony , it seems like Bonds and baseball are so divided.

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A few weeks ago we were wondering about Mattingly’s wife and what happened ? The Daily News has a story and pictures about Mattingly’s life, and Donnie’s current unfortunate situation. My first memory of Mattingly was the summer of 1983, when both Don and Steve Balboni were getting a shot at the first base job after being called up from minors.

brett_livid.jpg In fact, I happened to be visiting friends in New York and witnessed the Pine Tar Incident Game on the Yankee broadcast. Recently, I was thinking about a baseball related user name for some account I was creating. I gave it the name of The Pine Tar Incident since that game was one of the most memorable games that I ever watched.

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I just added a podcast feed to the Trophy League Planet. For newbies, a feed is a collection of sites I aggregate under a single web address. The address http://trophyleague.com/planetrss?group=podcasts features the six most recent or upcoming podcasts that are some of my favorites.

I listened to a podcast on Gotham Baseball interviewing former MLB player C.J. Nitkowski which is a good listen.  He has a site called CJ Baseball .

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