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The final rosters do not have to be finalized until Sunday afternoon, but looking at what we know today, here’s how I see it in the NL East:

Pos Mets Marlins Braves Nats Phils
C Barajas Baker McCann Rodriguez Ruiz
1B Jacobs Sanchez Glaus Dunn Howard
2B Castillo Uggla Prado Kennedy Utley
SS Cora Ramirez Escobar Desmond Rollins
3B Wright Cantu Jones Zimmerman Polanco
LF Bay Coughlin Cabrera Willingham Ibanez
CF Pagan Maybin McLouth Morgan Victorino
RF Francoeur Ross Heyward Harris Werth
OF Catalanotto Carroll Diaz Bernadina Fransisco
OF Matthews Jr.
Bonofacio Hinske Morse Gload
IF Carter Helms Infante Gonzalez Dobbs
IF Tatis Lamb Thurston Guzman Castro
C Blanco Paulino Ross Nieves Schneider
SP Santana Johnson Hudson Lannan Halladay
SP Pelfrey Nolasco Lowe Marquis Hamels
SP Maine Sanchez Jurrjens Stammen Happ
SP Perez Volstad Hanson
Hernandez Kendrick
SP Niese Robertson Kawakami Mock Moyer
RP Rodriguez Nunez Wagner Capps Madson
RP Igarashi Sanchez Moylan Olsen Baez
RP Feliciano Meyer Saito Bruney Zagurski
RP Mejia Veres Medlin Clippard Durbin
RP Calero Hensley Reyes Burnett Bastardo
RP Figueroa Pinto Chavez
Bergmann Lopez
25th Adams Barden Conrad Batista Ransom
  • Mets: Beltran, Reyes, Takahashi, Nieve, Tejada, Santos, Escobar, Murphy, Parnell, Green, Dessens, Muniz
  • Braves: Freeman, Hicks, Sammons, Boscan, Schafer, Young, Proctor, Venters, O’Flaherty
  • Marlins: Badenhop, Richar, Davis, Luna, Murphy
  • Nats: English, Martis, James, Walker, Spier, Orr, Coste, Taveras, Maxwell, McDougal, Wang, Detwiller, Duncan, Bruntlett, Flores
  • Phillies: Blanton, Lidge, Romero, Valdez, Guzman, Hoover, Brown, Wise

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I guess given the Marlins hot start this year, the Florida Marlins brain trust has mistakenly bought into that their early season success is more of the trend, than a fluke.  It seems they really are banking on Emilio Bonifacio as an everyday player, rather than as a super sub. In doing so, they have done something that Bobby Cox would never do. As, each year, the Braves decide on a newcomer they will take North with them. They ease them into the lineup, and realize as a young player there will be first year growing pains. They take into account that a young players mental psyche must be nurtured, and that any decision made in regards to that player must take that factor into account.

Even Lou Piniella, who has a track record of not being one of the best at developing young players, knows about this. It would have been so easy after Carl Crawford initially struggled with his bat in his rookie season, to send him down. But, the Rays stuck with him and Crawford became a better hitter long term because of the experience at hitting in the 9 hole. Eventually, his bat came around and he has built on that year ever since.

If you decide that your young player you plan on building the team around for years to come is ready, you expect that he will be inserted into the lineup from the time he takes the field opening day, for the next 10 years.  You do things to take the pressure of the player as he gets used to being a big league player. You expect that in that first year their will be peaks and valleys.  The number one thing you don’t do is give up to him after 6 weeks.

In Cameron Maybin, you know what you are going to get with him. He does not have the plate discipline. He has shown to be a free swinger in his minor league career. He does have power and speed. He can play a decent center field.  Why in the world do you send him down as the season is quite early, and sure you may be in somewhat in a pennant race.But, is Cameron Maybin the reason that the starting pitching has yet to secure a win in weeks?

This move in itself will not do Maybin much harm physically going down and working on his skills. However, I wonder what lasting effects this will have on Maybin. Are you willing to possibly damage Maybin, by calling him out, when Bonofacio is another player who has been struggling as much. This move of sending Cameron Maybin to the minors makes you question the Marlins front office. Unless they plan is to make Emilio’s Bonifacio into a utility player after his early struggles, I don’t understand how this move helps the Marlins franchise.

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For one of my NL only fantasy squads, how to approach the availability of several top tier starting pitchers was something I wrestled with leading up to the auction draft this April.  With Santana available, I knew he would go for some big money. The thing I kept kicking around was would I be better off getting a pitcher who might be close to the talent of Santana, but would go for a price that would save me some money.  For the money saved by going for the lesser talent, I could use that money to help me go after an additional top tier pitcher. I thought this plan might work. Peavy was coming off an off year. He was rumored to go another team in trade rumors. We all  knew last year he was just not the same pitcher pitching away from Petco Park.  I figured I could save about $10 in the draft by going with Peavy as my top pitcher, rather than Santana.   Then, I could use that $10 to add to my budget for a second pitcher, as I just dropped Scott Olsen prior to the draft at $12.  I had targeted one of my favorites in Ricky Nolasco as that second pitcher.  At the draft, the numbers came close to what I expected on this plan. I saved $8  by going with Peavy ($31) over Santana ($39). I used that money to get Nolasco at $24

Its only three starts into the season, but it appears as if I might of been better at going with Santana as he has been dominant so far on the season. Here is the numbers compared so far on the year:

Player Park K BB ER H
Great American (Cincinnati) 7
Santana Dolphin Stadium (Miami) 13
Santana Citi Field (N.Y.)

Santana has 27K’s on the season, and only one earned run.

Player Park K BB ER H
Petco Park (S.D.)

Peavy Petco Park (S.D.) 10 0 3 7
Peavy Citi Field (N.Y.)

5 4 3 6

Peavy has been good, but not great. He lucked out in his third start and got some good run support for his second win. His pitching  performance away from Petco has began by looking a lot like last year .

Player Park K BB ER H

Dolphin Stadium (Miami)

0 5 7
Nolasco Dolphin Stadium (Miami)

2 2

Nolasco started off good in his first start, and it looked like he might be in line to continue the good pitching shown in his second half of last season. But, later in the game he got lit up by the Nationals, but the Marlins run support gave him the win.  He has continued to look bad in the next two starts and the Marlins brass is trying to figure out what Ricky’s problems so far are on the season.

A lesson to be learned here. If you have a chance to get that special pitcher. Go for it. As, Santana is showing that he is that good. The bullpen blew alot of his wins for him last year, costing him a Cy Young. Unfortunately, for the most part, the voters look mainly at the pitchers wins, and don’t drill down enough on the pitching peripherals. Again, its only three starts, but the comparison here is worth following to see how this plays out over the season.

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As Jose Reyes was the original power-speed combo at shortstop. Now, Hanley Ramirez who is younger with similar skills has surpassed Reyes in the box scores, and now as the starting SS in the World Baseball classic.

So much for Ramirez being Jose Reyes lite. He is the real deal.

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With The Florida Marlins off season thus far, one thing is clear. The franchise would prefer to remake itself rather than go forward with their latest collection of players who are about to make a lot of money through the arbitration process.

As of last season,  the Marlins wisely broke the bank and locked up Hanley Ramirez for the long term. By doing so, they are making him the cornerstone to build the team around.  It seems money spent wisely as Hanley almost delivered another 5 category season with 30 HRs, 35SB, 301BA, 125R, but fell short with the RBIs with only 67.  Make no mistake, a .301/.400/.540 does not indicate he has many shortcomings with what he does with his bat.

However, he did start to slump playing in the three hole in the lineup, and was promptly moved back to leadoff.  Now with Bonofacio in the mix, he is almost certain bat leadoff. That means they plan to use Hanley in the three hole.   They have Cantu who will play primarily at first base, but will play some at third.  But, the question remains about 2nd base. Uggla started his career as a third baseman, but worked with Wally Backman to learn the second base position while with Arizona.  Bonofacio, is a second baseman by trade.   He could play some third, and even play some outfield as well.   The Marlins would be smart to hang onto Uggla. This is a modern day Who’s on First!

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What is going on in South Florida? They are performing the magic again with their third roster makeover . I was wrong about HRam:

The loss of protection in the lieneup with Miguel Cabrera now in the American League. With less good pitches thrown his way, he likely will see his power number decrease, as you might see his OBP as good or better.

You can say that Hanley is really missing Miggy with his .336/.421/.569 production including 8 home runs and 13 stolen bases. We have seen no drop off and Hanley has now transitioned to the three hole in the lineup.

How he responds to offseason surgery will be an issue. He is not expected to be available at beginning of spring training. How he is able to prepare and be ready will not be the same.

He was available for the first game of the season and shows no real effects from the surgery. At the beginning of the year, his stolen bases were limited. It seems he is no longer being restricted on the stolen bases. His arm in throwing shows no problems best I can tell.

His defense is the middle of the pack according to PMR . With the Marlins lacking a 3B, its not out of the question down the road the team performs some defensive rel-alignment. If that means, a move to the outfield or possibly at the hot corner, we’ll have to see how this plays out. At the moment, the Marlins are choosing between a couple of second baseman for 3B

I am not sure if the hot corner transition will occur. With Ramirez slugging away and playing adequate defense, it will be hard to move him off the position. With Hanley providing the monster offense at a position not normally known for big numbers, they would have to justify if it was worth getting better defense out of the position with the apparent offense reduction.

With the loss of Willis and Cabrera over money concerns, how long is Hanley in the Marlins future? Sure, the team holds the upper hand in the cost containment of Hanley over the next few years. But, you don’t see the Marlins locking him up like the Rockies are doing with Troy Tulowitski

The Marlins have addressed this issue load and clear with and David Wright like contract. With the Marlins being a cost conscious franchise, this was their only chance at keeping him past next season. Its a great sign for the franchise and a win for the small market teams.

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A few weeks ago we were wondering about Mattingly’s wife and what happened ? The Daily News has a story and pictures about Mattingly’s life, and Donnie’s current unfortunate situation. My first memory of Mattingly was the summer of 1983, when both Don and Steve Balboni were getting a shot at the first base job after being called up from minors.

brett_livid.jpg In fact, I happened to be visiting friends in New York and witnessed the Pine Tar Incident Game on the Yankee broadcast. Recently, I was thinking about a baseball related user name for some account I was creating. I gave it the name of The Pine Tar Incident since that game was one of the most memorable games that I ever watched.

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