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Wonderboy 2015

Josh Hamilton was the first overall pick of the Tampa Bay Rays all those years ago. He went from phenom hitter to washed up and out of baseball player after he got messed up with drugs. His original team gave up on him and the Cincinnati Reds gave him a chance. He had the support of Reds both on and off the field. Likewise with Rangers, even when he had a few relapse the Rangers had a support system in place for Hamilton. Now, comes a bad sequence of events for Josh  including a drug relapse and a failed marriage while with the Angels in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the Angels only cared about the on the field player, and in the support category for whatever reason they did not have his back.  Some nasty tweets from a few bloggers and reporters were uncalled for: http://www.baseballessential.com/news/2015/04/30/baseball-players-people/


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After seeing Giancarlo Stanton getting this mega long term contract from the Marlins, it made me come to a conclusion that every team needs that one key player in which you build a staff around.  We are not asking this “franchise” player to assume this role within the organization right from the start. As time goes by, this player demonstrates not only is he the one that the other team must prepare for, and worries about.

In thinking about this, my fantasy team should also have a superstar to build a team around.  Who would that player be for me?

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A look at few of the better pitchers in the NATIONAL LEAGUE.

Pitching Statistics
Kershaw 236.0 8.85 0.92 1.83 232 33 11 .243 2.55 304 315
Bumgarner 201.1 8.90 1.03 2.77 199 31 15 .244 3.11 261 273
Wainwright 241.2 8.16 1.07 2.94 219 34 16 .291 2.71 352 342
Gonzalez 195.2 8.83 1.25 3.36 192 32 17 .278 3.54 245 300
Bailey 209.0 8.57 1.12
199 32 20 .273 3.40 283 302

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I have been a big fan of the NL  LABR draft over the years. It is a great way to see what the industry experts do at an auction draft.

http://www.fantasyalarm.com/articles/flowers/18167/2014-nl-labr-musings/ :

David Wright cost just $26, an extremely low price given his talents. To put that into perspective, a mini bidding war broke out over Nolan Arenado who ended up costing $22. You have to jump in when the bargains present themselves. Sometimes if you wait you end up having to overpay for inferior talent.





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With spring training winding down, teams are scrambling to finalize their rosters to “Go North” for the upcoming season.  Likewise, fantasy owners have to make decisions on keepers, and who to target based on what has taken place in the Grapefruit and Cactus league action.

This brings me to the annual “who are these guys” list of players from the spring who have performed well in camp and are not really household names:

  • Jeremy Reed 391OBP .525SLG .377AVG
  • Ryan Roberts 621OBP .674SLG .512AVG
  • Nick Evans 388OBP .435SLG .339AVG
  • Chris Denorfia 451OBP ,600SLG .422AVG
  • Wilson Valdez 426OBP ,500SLG .380AVG
  • Jonathan Herrera 436OBP ,592SLG .367AVG
  • Albert Gonzalez 392OBP ,396SLG .354AVG
  • John Mayberry 355OBP ,625SLG .286AVG
  • Aaron Cunningham 373OBP ,565SLG .326AVG
  • Brandon Boggs 322OBP ,434SLG .264AVG
  • Daniel Descalso362OBP ,455SLG .318AVG
  • Zack Cozart417OBP ,576SLG .394AVG

Roster depth charts and spreadsheet from mlbdepthcharts.com

Here is Astros projected lienup.

This post great sampling on the best box scores .

Relief pitching tiers. [more]


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The League of Alternate Baseball Reality (LABR) includes experts from the fantasy sports industry. The Rick Wolf and Glenn Colton ownership team has  3 championships in ten years in the NL only league.  I looked at the Wolf/Colton roster composition , and decided to use their model as I approached the Carolina Baseball League (CBL) Auction draft (03/13/2011).  Based on their roster, it seems the strategy was not paying a lot for pitching, and using most of their money around five high end batters who provide multiple categories.

The Wolf/Cotton team spent $148 on five high end bats that included:

  1. $39 Joey Votto
  2. $32 Andrew McCutchen
  3. $30 Matt Holliday
  4. $29 Hunter Pence
  5. $18 Aramis Ramirez

For our draft, Hunter Pence and Andrew McCutchen were not available. I spent $145 for six primary bats:

  1. $39 Joey Votto
  2. $37 Justin Upton
  3. $39 Matt Holliday
  4. $10 Pedro Alvarez
  5. $10 Cody Ross
  6. $10 Logan Morrison

Like Wolf/Colton, I have both Votto and Holliday. For their Aramis Ramirez selection, I already had Pedro Alvarez for that slot. I considered Cory Hart for the Hunter Pence slot, but decided with his injury to move the money else where. Instead, I combined Cody Ross and Logan Morrison for $20.

On pitching, Wolf/Colton  went with three good starters who were nicely priced, and a high end closer:

  1. $20 Brian Wilson
  2. $16 Jonathan Sanchez
  3. $13 Matt Garza
  4. $13 Ricky Nolasco

For my pitching, I had a similar makeup but I went with two closers:

  1. $20 J.J. Putz
  2. $11 Matt Latos
  3. $13 Tommy Hanson
  4. $10 Kyle McClellan
  5. $10 Travis Wood
  6. $6 Craig Kimbrel

Here is my roster for opening day:

Pos Edit Active Batters Salary

C Hernandez, Ramon(C) CIN

4 C Thole, Josh(C) NYM 6

1B Votto, Joey(1B) CIN 39

2B Young, Eric(2B) COL  10

3B Alvarez, Pedro(3B) PIT 10

SS Renteria, Edgar(SS) CIN 2

MI DeWitt, Blake(2B) CHC 2

CI Overbay, Lyle(1B) PIT 9

OF Holliday, Matt(OF) STL 39

OF Morrison, Logan(OF) FLA

10 OF Ross, Cody(OF) SF

10 OF Upton, Justin(OF) ARI 37

OF Venable, Will(OF) SD  4

U Hairston, Scott(OF) NYM 5


Bench (3B) Baker, Jeff(2B,3B) CHC  3

Bench (SS) Emaus, Brad(SS) NYM 10

Bench (OF) Jackson, Brett(OF) CHC  10

Bench (U) Gibbons, Jay(OF) LA  2

Pos Edit Active Pitchers Salary

P Hammel, Jason(P) COL 7

P Hanson, Tommy(P) ATL 11

P Kimbrel, Craig(P) ATL  6

P Latos, Mat(P) SD 11

P Marquis, Jason(P) WAS  1

P McClellan, Kyle(P) STL  10

P Putz, J.J.(P) ARI 20

P Wood, Travis(P) CIN  10

P Young, Chris(P) NYM  1

Bench (P) Luebke, Cory(P) SD  6

Bench (P) Mejia, Jenrry(P) NYM  7

Bench (P) Rodriguez, Henry(P) WAS 5

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After being on Sirius a few years ago, I finally made it back to Satellite radio. This time on the XM wing of  the company.

XM 175:



First Pitch
Weekdays 7 am – 10 am ET
Jim Memolo and Rob Dibble

Power Alley Jim Duquette and Kevin Kennedy
Weekdays 10 am – 2 pm ET

Inside Pitch Casey Stern and Jim Bowden
Weekdays 2 pm – 6 pm ET, Saturdays 10 am – 1 pm ET

MLB Tonight (MLB Network Staff)
Weekdays 6 pm – 8 pm ET

MLB Roundtrip
Weekdays 8 pm – 12 am ET

Minors and Majors Grant Paulsen
Sundays 8 am – 10 am ET

Remember When Ed Randall and Rico Petrocelli
Saturdays 8 am – 10 am ET

MLB Roundtrip Saturday Grant Paulsen
Saturdays 1 pm – 4 pm ET

Baseball Today Holden Kushner & Jim Duquette
Sundays 10 am – 1 pm ET

MLB Roundtrip Sunday
Sundays 1 pm – 4 pm ET
Talk about the news of the day and get insight on your team’s roster moves from former GM Jim Bowden.

Home Plate Jeff Joyce & Jeff Nelson
Weekends 4 pm – 7 pm ET

XM 147:



7 am ET – RotoExperts w/ Scott Engel & Adam Ronis
10 am ET – SiriusXM Fantasy Basketball w/ Dennis Scott
11 am ET – RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today w/ Jeff Erickson & Derek Van Riper
2 pm ET – SiriusXM Fantasy Baseball w/ Steve Phillips & Jeff Rickard
5 pm ET – SiriusXM Fantasy Drive w/ Kyle Elfrink, Kay Adams & Ray Flowers
8 pm ET – Fantasy Baseball Tonight w/ Craig Mish

Ray Flowers on his web site is offering free fantasy information

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