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The final rosters do not have to be finalized until Sunday afternoon, but looking at what we know today, here’s how I see it in the NL East:

Pos Mets Marlins Braves Nats Phils
C Barajas Baker McCann Rodriguez Ruiz
1B Jacobs Sanchez Glaus Dunn Howard
2B Castillo Uggla Prado Kennedy Utley
SS Cora Ramirez Escobar Desmond Rollins
3B Wright Cantu Jones Zimmerman Polanco
LF Bay Coughlin Cabrera Willingham Ibanez
CF Pagan Maybin McLouth Morgan Victorino
RF Francoeur Ross Heyward Harris Werth
OF Catalanotto Carroll Diaz Bernadina Fransisco
OF Matthews Jr.
Bonofacio Hinske Morse Gload
IF Carter Helms Infante Gonzalez Dobbs
IF Tatis Lamb Thurston Guzman Castro
C Blanco Paulino Ross Nieves Schneider
SP Santana Johnson Hudson Lannan Halladay
SP Pelfrey Nolasco Lowe Marquis Hamels
SP Maine Sanchez Jurrjens Stammen Happ
SP Perez Volstad Hanson
Hernandez Kendrick
SP Niese Robertson Kawakami Mock Moyer
RP Rodriguez Nunez Wagner Capps Madson
RP Igarashi Sanchez Moylan Olsen Baez
RP Feliciano Meyer Saito Bruney Zagurski
RP Mejia Veres Medlin Clippard Durbin
RP Calero Hensley Reyes Burnett Bastardo
RP Figueroa Pinto Chavez
Bergmann Lopez
25th Adams Barden Conrad Batista Ransom
  • Mets: Beltran, Reyes, Takahashi, Nieve, Tejada, Santos, Escobar, Murphy, Parnell, Green, Dessens, Muniz
  • Braves: Freeman, Hicks, Sammons, Boscan, Schafer, Young, Proctor, Venters, O’Flaherty
  • Marlins: Badenhop, Richar, Davis, Luna, Murphy
  • Nats: English, Martis, James, Walker, Spier, Orr, Coste, Taveras, Maxwell, McDougal, Wang, Detwiller, Duncan, Bruntlett, Flores
  • Phillies: Blanton, Lidge, Romero, Valdez, Guzman, Hoover, Brown, Wise

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The Dodger’s finally ran out of room on the roster for Delwyn Young. In the minors as an infielder he crushed the ball, but his defense made him into an outfielder. His  bat is intriquing, but as he turns 27 this years old, he is running out of chances. In the right situation, it would be interesting  to see what he might be able to do.

We lost Harry Kalas yesterday.  Here are some of the memories of him:

World Series Calls

Its Outa Here

Philliadelphia long time writer Jayson Stark

Mark “The Bird” Fidrych is gone too. I was just watching a feature they had on him over the weekend on MLB network. I’ll never forget him as he was someone I grew up watching his first year in the league.

MLB.tv q&a

Tom is still Terrific

David Wells is now miked

Zach Duke – is he back?

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After the Phillies unveiled their new Utley-Howard-Ibanez batting order combination (all of which are left handed batters) against the Braves on opening day,  it appears Charlie Manuel has already scrapped that plan after the group went the 0-11.  They have inserted Werth after Howard breaking up all the left handed batters.  It didn’t even take a left handed starter to force the batting order change.

Update: Ken Rosenthal mentioned the Charlie Manuel’s lineup tinkering

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It is well known that Ryan Howard is one of the power hitting offensive forces of the past 4 years in the National league.  The Phillies have 18 million reasons they like the lefty slugger coming into the 2009 season. But, one thing I touched on a few weeks ago about Ryan Howard:

Every now and then you hear the whispers that Howard is simply just a good platoon hitter.

So, lets take a look at Howard’s track record with the righty lefty splits.

Name Year vs Lefty (AB) vs Righty (AB) vs Lefty  (HR) vs Righty (HR) vs Lefty (AVG) vs Righty (Avg ) vs Lefty (SLG) vs Righty (SLG)
Howard 2008 237 373 14 34 .224 .268 .451 .601
Howard 2007 209 320 16 31 .225 .297 .493 .644
Howard 2006 197 384 16 42 .279 .331 .558 .711
Howard 2005 61 251 1 21 .148 .323 .246 .645

So,  in the red columns we see Ryan Howard’s production against left handed pitching. In his three full seasons, in the rate categories against lefties he has continued his decline in batting average and slugging. His home run production against righties just about doubles his production against lefties.  To be fair, the Phillies are aware of the situation and he has received less at bats against lefties. The question remains though, would the Phillies be better off platooning him at first base.

I am certain they could find a right handed batter who could do better than a .224 batting average  against the southpaws.  Better yet, in fantasy leagues that allow for daily transactions, would you be better off sitting Howard against lefties.

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Did you hear that? Its the Liberty Bell ringing now that Ryan Howard is signed, sealed, and delivered to the Phillies. Its not bad money for Howard who has shown he can really mash when he is not striking out. When he gets in his groove, he is a feared hitter. Though, in the World Series his bat in the lineup is not one that really put fear into me.

With Chase Utley not certain for the upcoming season, the Phillies could not afford Howard coming into camp in a foul mood again due to his contract.  It seems to me the Phillies are doing all the right things.

Every now and then you hear the whispers that Howard is simply just a good platoon hitter. His offensive powerhouse will never be that of a Albert Pujols with his all around game. But, for three years this is a good fit for both Howard and the Phillies.

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Chase Utley of the Phillies is showing he is the real deal in 2008. Well, we have known that a while now. Utley’s 2007 campaign and possible MVP were derailed by a HBP that had him on the DL which reduced his overall counting statistics. If you are counting now, Utley’s sweet stroke has him on 20 HRs which leads all Major League players . This all from a position not usually known for its hitting power. Its quite clear he is the better version of Jeff Kent’s reign of the 1990s, and looks almost certain to pass Davey Johnson’s single season record for a second baseman. His minor league career attempted to make him a 3B at one point, but in the end he was to be second baseman. Although, he was blocked at the position for several years by Tigers Placido Polanco. He arrived on the scene later than expected for a mashing second baseman. The thing i remember most about Utley is in his brief debut several years before getting the full time gig is he stroked a grand slam. Before the season Brett at Fantasy Phenoms asked me this question:

Brett Greenfield: If you were a MLB GM and building a team,
which player would you choose to build it around? How about
if you were a fantasy GM?

David Bloom: If I were building a team around a single player,
there would be certain criteria I would use. Number one, I’d be
building the team around a position player rather than a pitcher
because contributions from the position player arrive on an
everyday basis, rather than every fifth day with a stud starting
pitcher. Next, the player would be a player you could bat anywhere
in the lineup, and he could adjust accordingly to his role in the
lineup. Lastly, the player must be a leader on and off the field.
If I had to name a single player, I would go with David Wright
with the Mets. The thing about the Mets 3B is that he is such as
good hitter, and he has become a leader at such a young age. As a
fantasy team, I might go with Chase Utley for all the same reasons.
However, with Utley, he plays 2b and you usually don’t see that
type of production at such a scarce position. With Wright, Its
easier to find another good 3B, but with Utley, there is a big
drop off to find a similar player.

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We already knew that George W. Bush as owner of the Texas Rangers was questionable in his decision making. He was the one who traded away future Hall of Fame slugging outfielder Sammy Sosa to the White Sox. But, another George W. Bush baseball nugget is that he was the only owner to vote against implementing the now highly successful baseball wildcard.

In making those baseball trades in your fantasy league, there are a lot of variables to consider. This exchange does bring up a lot of good points on what to avoid, especially:

A lot of times owners fail to look at what the other team needs and solely looks at what they need to improve on. There’s someone on the other side that needs to improve as well. For example, if you’re trying to improve your pitching and offer Mark Teixeira for Brandon Webb, it seems like a fair deal. But if the trade partner is set at 1B, CI and U, how does this help his team? He might be looking for a second baseman. Many owners just throw out trade offers. If you’re in a competitive league, you need to dig deeper into the stats.

It;s good seeing Pat Burrell putting it together again.  For almost the entire 2006 season, through the first half of last year, it looked like his career was in meltdown mode.  But, a strong second half that went unnoticed with Jimmy Rollins career year, and a good start to this year makes it look like the Phillies will have to find a way to keep him as he enters free agency at seasons end.

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