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A few weeks ago we were wondering about Mattingly’s wife and what happened ? The Daily News has a story and pictures about Mattingly’s life, and Donnie’s current unfortunate situation. My first memory of Mattingly was the summer of 1983, when both Don and Steve Balboni were getting a shot at the first base job after being called up from minors.

brett_livid.jpg In fact, I happened to be visiting friends in New York and witnessed the Pine Tar Incident Game on the Yankee broadcast. Recently, I was thinking about a baseball related user name for some account I was creating. I gave it the name of The Pine Tar Incident since that game was one of the most memorable games that I ever watched.

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Piniella  predicted number of wins:  89 wins. Chone has the NL and AL predictions too. 89 wins for my Rays!

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Jason Stark covers the history making arbitration win for Ryan Howard. Will Phillies slugger ask them to “Show me the Money” with a  136 Million next?

I thought Heyman’s GM  list was ridiculous. Glad someone else does too.

I did not Know Topkin of Times wrote for Melnick and Greco?


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With the 2008 baseball pre-season here, you are probably trying to figure out which player will be the offensive force to build your fantasy team around. The one baseball statistic that I have been following for a while now is the Quad which Rich Lederer pointed out several years ago when he compared some of the all time greats and how they measured up on the quad scale.

the year-end leaders in the four categories (On Base Percentage, Slugging average, Times on Base, and Total Bases

The Quad takes into account both counting stats in Times on Base, and Total Bases and the rate stats in On Base Percentage, Slugging average.

The formula for Times on Base (TOB) is

  • (H + BB + HBP)

The formula for Total Bases (TB) is

  • (Total hits – 2b -3b – HR) + (2b x 2) + (3b x 3) + (HR x 4)

The formula for Slugging (SLG) is TB/AB or

  • ((Total hits – 2b -3b – HR)+ (2b*2)+ (3b*3)+ (HR x 4) )/ AB)

The formula for On Base Percentage (OBP) is

  • ((Total hits +BB+HBP)/(AB+BB+HBP+SF)

The Results are in. It sure makes the NL MVP voting something to talk about. As Matt Holliday shows up on Quad top 10 overall in three of the four categories : Times On Base, Total Bases, and Slugging (with just missing in OBP at #15). Whereas Jimmy Rollins only shows up once in Quad top 10 overall in on Total bases (#133 in OBP, #29 Slugging, #17 Times On Base). Its hard to compare a SS to an outfielder for determining who was more valuable to their team. But, certainly Holliday was the better all around offensive force.

Times on Base

  1. Rodriguez Alex 299
  2. Ortiz David 297
  3. Helton Todd 296
  4. Wright David 296
  5. Ordonez Magglio 294
  6. Sizemore Grady 292
  7. Pujols Albert 291
  8. Suzuki Ichiro 290
  9. Holliday Matt 289
  10. Jeter Derek 276

Total Bases

  1. Holliday Matt 386
  2. Rollins Jimmy 380
  3. Rodriguez Alex 376
  4. Ramirez Hanley 359
  5. Fielder Prince 354
  6. Ordonez Magglio 354
  7. Ortiz David 341
  8. Granderson Curtis 338
  9. Cabrera Miguel 332
  10. Lee Carlos 331


  1. Rodriguez Alex 644
  2. Braun Ryan 634
  3. Pena Carlos 626
  4. Ortiz David 621
  5. Fielder Prince 617
  6. Holliday Matt 606
  7. Jones Chipper 604
  8. Ordonez Magglio 594
  9. Howard Ryan 584
  10. Pujols Albert 568

On Base Percentage

  1. Bonds Barry 480
  2. Ortiz David 445
  3. Helton Todd 434
  4. Ordonez Magglio 433
  5. Pujols Albert 428
  6. Posada Jorge 426
  7. Jones Chipper 424
  8. Rodriguez Alex 422
  9. Wright David 416
  10. Thome Jim 410


Baseball Databank:”The Baseball Databank (BDB) is dedicated to creating and maintaining a comprehensive record of all baseball statistical data in a form that makes them useful for researchers and product developers. This databank, once it is fully normalized and proofed, will be the standard source for those professionals creating new data products.”

select Master.nameLast,Master.NameFirst,yearid,h+bb+hbp as tob , (h-2b-3b
-hr) + (2b*2)+ (3b*3)+ (hr*4) as tb,truncate((((h+bb+hbp)/(ab+bb+hbp+sf))* 1000)
,0) as obp,truncate(((((h-2b-3b-hr)+ (2b*2)+ (3b*3)+ (hr*4))/ ab)*1000),0) as sl
g from Batting,Master where yearId = ‘2007’ and Master.playerid = Batting.playe
rid ;

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It’s preview season at Beyond the Boxscore and people are taking notice . I had the opportunity to ask R.J. Anderson, Columnist at Beyond the Boxscore and DRaysBay a bunch of questions. Anderson has also appeared at Deadspin and just completed a book on the Tampa Rays called Lamar-itis.

With the loss of 40 year old Tom Glavine to Braves, how much of an impact to the Mets pitching staff of the Mets be affected? To what extent will this help or hurt the Braves in the N.L. East?

It won’t hurt or help either team as much as his name would suggest, last year he was below average and I’m not sure I really can see him responding like he did in 2004 with a 119 ERA+, but who knows, maybe he has one last run in that left arm. It certainly can’t hurt the Braves to have him as their third starter at least it’s not someone like Mark Hendrickson.

The Mets are rumored to be considering surrendering a ton of minor league minor league talent to the Twins to land Johan Santanta. The package of Fernando Martinez , Philip Humber , Carlos Gomez, Kevin Mulvey, and Mike Pelfrey to land the Ace of its staff. Would you make this deal to win now?

No, the deal reeks of short-sightedness and frankly I don’t trust either Omar Minaya’s prospect valuing skills or the idea that Johan will simply re-sign with the Mets without at least fishing on the open market for a few days. Do I think the Mets will end up with Johan? Wouldn’t surprise me, this is the same general manager who went for a “win now” approach with the Expos and Bartolo Colon, how’d that end up?

Chipper Jones has been a household name for the past decade for Braves. Would you consider him a Hall of fame player. Is he worthy of a gold glove at this point of his career?

I really don’t get into either the Hall of Fame or Gold Glove arguments since both are pretty arbitrary, but at first glance I’d assume he’s pretty close to being a HOFer, I’m not sure if he is or not though.

The Royals have made a alot of moves the past few years. How do you see the moves working out this upcoming season?

Dayton Moore has done a solid job, but I didn’t really like the Jose Guillen signing, it seemed like he was their third choice – at best – and they decided to write a large paycheck to get their “man”. I’d like to see them finish in front of the White Sox, but even that might be a bit of challenge.

How much of an impact offensively will Mike Cameron be aided by his move to the Brewers ?

I’m not sure how much it’ll help him with his bat – although moving from PETCO elsewhere can’t hurt. If nothing else it gave the Brewers a reason to move Ryan Braun to left.

The Mets obtaining a defensive minded catcher Brian Schneider and Ryan Church for youngster Lastings Milledge, how sweet of a trade was this for an up and coming team like Nationals?

Very sweet in a vacuum; the market for “troubled” young outfielders is non-existent and the Nats took advantage in both the Milledge and Elijah Dukes deals. If neither work out people will mock the Nationals, personally I don’t blame them for either deal, consider they essentially acquired two players who would be top prospects in their organization for a top 10 in their system and two major league players who I don’t think they’ll miss too much given their glutton of outfielders.

Is Rockies Chris Iannetta worthy of playing time in Colorado or should Torrealba be given most the work at catcher?

I think they should give Iannetta more playing time, it’s not like he could do much worse than Yorvit Torrealba did with the bat last year.

Tell me about Michael Bourn and what he may be able to do now that he gets a starting job in Houston . Is he Juan Pierre II?

He’s a young lefty bat who went to the University of Houston and was actually drafted by the Astros in 2000 but didn’t sign. I suppose he’s Juan Pierre like, and I don’t doubt he’ll produce better than Willy Taveras as soon as next year.

Who got the better end of the Troy Glaus / Scott Rolen Trade?

I think the Cardinals, Glaus is younger, lately a little more consistent, and not nearly as volatile. He has his own issues, but at least he’s not gun powder waiting for a spark.

Is Josh Hamilton going to stay healthy and break out this year?

Didn’t he break out last year? Health wise I have no idea, two seasons in a row ended by injuries, eh it’s a trend that can be broken at least.

When Dan Haren was last in the NL, he was not special the way he is today. Why was he successful in Oakland and not under LaRussa?

Well he barely had over 100 innings in St. Louis , and remember Oakland ’s ballpark dimensions include a ton of foul room, there probably isn’t a correlation between Haren’s success and his departure from St. Louis.

Tell me about Brian Barton who came to St. Louis in Rule V draft. Was he the best talent made available in the Rule V draft?

He’s a rocket scientist, seriously. I’d like to think he wasn’t the best talent in the draft because he slipped and I’d like to believe the teams picking would’ve taken the best talent. Speaking of the Rule V isn’t it a bit amusing that the purpose is to prevent farm system monopolies yet in theory the teams with the highest potential to have a good farm system – bad teams with high draft picks – are the ones who pick first?

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In his rookie year as manager, Joe Girardi managed the Florida Marlins to unexpected breakout season. His squad was made up of an array of young players that were results of the Marlins fire sale the year before We have heard the stories about how Joe Girardi had clashed significantly with the Marlin’s executives. It got so bad that the owner wanted to fire him at one point, but bit his tounge and allowed Joe Girardi to finish out the season as manager. We are told that Girardi was very stringent manager with his high level of discipline he used with the players. He was more Bobby Knight than he was Roy Williams. As the season ended, Girardi and the Marlins parted ways as the team was looking for a better fit. They were looking for a players coach that worked well with management and went with Fredi Gonzalez from the Atlanta Braves.

Up to this point, I had Girardi’s back. It takes more than young talent to mold a successful team. But, the latest report that Girardi gave his friend Jon Lieber who works for a “rival” company proprietary Marlins information is reason enough that he should of been fired. It was confidential Marlin information that was slated to remain inside the clubhouse. This is the type of thing that people in the financial industry go to jail far.

Whom has he harmed? Well, Lieber turned his season around with the Phillies based on the information he received from Girardi. Joe’s tip to Lieber might have been the small boost that helped Phillies finish strong. Lieber defeated the Marlins twice following the Lieber-Girardi conversation.

Every job out there has you sign a confidential statement to prevent things like this. Joe, say it isn’t so!

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Its been years since the Devil Rays of Tampa botched the expansion draft and sent Bobby Abreu to the Phillies shortly after selecting him from the Houston Astros. Since that moment in time until now, the Rays have not done much on the field that has mattered. The Rays now have the the fridge stocked with players who can make a difference. Lets go to work!

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The first base position tends to be an offensive minded position where defense is not usually the priority for placing a player there. Its quite interesting here with Albert Pujols the former 3B, Carlos Delgado the former catcher, and Ryan Howard (where the outfield experiment a few years ago did not work). The Cardinals have the all around package for at 1B with the offense and defense Pujols brings to the table. Despite Howard winning the Quad crown, it seems that Pujols will have a greater overall contribution with the greater defensive range and the offensive numbers that are on par with what Howard provided.

measure of range by calculating the probability of a ball being turned into an out based on six parameters

Ryan Howard made 26.23 less outs than predicted based on 4301 balls in play, Carlos Delgado made 13.75 less outs than predicted based on 3696 balls in play. Whereas Albert Pujols, made 40.41 more outs than predicted based on 3864 balls in play.


Dividing that by balls in play yields expected defensive efficiency rating (DER). That is compared to the team’s actual DER. A good defensive team should have a better DER than it’s expected DER.

Ryan Howard had a .064 DER, Delgado had a .068 whereas they were both predicted for a .070 DER. Albert Pujols has .079 DER with a .069 predicted.

Win Shares

a player vs player measure of contribution (batting, fielding, pitching) to a team wins as a distinct number

39 for Pujols, 31 for Howard, 24 for Delgado

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utley.jpgOne thing lost in the Chase Utley long term signing is the job that Pat Gillick has done since taking over at GM. With the former GM Ed Wade, you had Chase Utley doing just about everything he could do in his auditions at 2B to show that he is a special player, but still he allowed Placido Polanco to have the foot hold on the job for years. After seeing Chase hit a grand slam in his first MLB game, that was evidence enough for me that he deserved a chance to see what he could do every day. But, it was not until Wade’s last year at GM that they finally gave Polanco has necessary role of on the bench watching Utley play. In addition to Utley, Ryan Howard had no role and got his chance shortly after Chase was installed as the regular 2B. It wasn’t until Jim Thome was done in Philadelphia that he also got to show what he could do beyond AAA. Both Howard and Utley are players that will be entrenched on the left side of the infield for years to come, but whats odd is that they are rather old for baseball players getting their first legitimate chance.

Had Ed Wade used the resources he had available to him, he might still have his job. By going with an old school manager such as Larry Bowa, the young players were just not going to get the chance they deserved. Ruben Amaro Jr. has served under both GMs, so he might be the best voice out there to know why it took so long for both these players to get their chance. For more on the Phillie perspective, check out blogs such as We Should Be Gms, and 700 Level .

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