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The final rosters do not have to be finalized until Sunday afternoon, but looking at what we know today, here’s how I see it in the NL Central:

Pos Cards Astros Pirates Cubs Brewers Reds
C Molina Towles Doumit Soto Zaun Hernandez
1B Pujols Blum Clement Lee Fielder Votto
2B Schumaker Matsui Imamura Fontenot Weeks Phillips
SS Ryan Manzella Cedeno Theriot Escobar Cabrera
3B Freese Feliz LaRoche Ramirez McGehee Rolen
LF Holliday Lee Milledge Soriano Braun Gomes
CF Rasmus Bourn McCutchen
Byrd Gomez Stubbs
RF Ludwick Pence Jones Fukodome Hart Bruce
OF Craig Sullivan Raynor Nady Edmonds Dickerson
OF Stavinoha
Michaels Church Colvin Gerut Nix
IF Mather Keppinger Young
Tracy Counsel Fransisco
IF Lopez Johnson Crosby Baker Inglett Balentien
C LaRue Quintero Jaramillo Hill Kottaras Hanigan
SP Carpenter Oswalt Duke Zambrano Gallardo Harang
SP Wainright Rodriguez Ohlendorf Dempster Wolfe Cueto
SP Penny Meyers Maholm Wells Davis Arroyo
SP Lohse Norris
Gorzelany Bush Bailey
SP Garcia Paulino McCutchen Silva Parra Leake
RP Franklin Lindstrom Dotel Marmol Hoffman Cordero
RP McClellan Lyon Donelly Grabow Hawkins Masset
RP Motte Gervacio Meek Marshall Stetter Herrera
RP Miller Byrdak Taschner Caridad Vargas Owings
RP Boggs Sampson Penn Samerdzija Coffey Lincoln
RP Hawksworth Moehler Carrasco
Berg Villenuava Rhodes
25th Reyes Fuclhino Lopez
Russell Hopper Ondrusek
  • Cards: Pagnozzi, Greene, Jay, Robinson, P.J. Walters, Hill
  • Astros : Berkman, Barzado, Arias, Shelton, Cash, Borguios, Bogesivic, Banks, Switzer
  • Pirates: Pearce, Hanrahan, Ascancio, Hart, Pearce, Vazquez, Jones, Ford, Tabata, Sanchez, Jakubauskas, Yates, Lincoln
  • Cubs: Lilly, Guzman, Castro, Hoffpauir, Scales, Fuld, Gray, Vitters, Jackson
  • Brewers: Suppan, Riske, Butler, Naverson, Gamel, Lucroy, Salome
  • Reds: Volquez, Chapman, Wells, Janish, Miles, Castillo, Burke, Cairo, Sutton, Wood, Lehr, Maloney, Miller, Dorn, Heisey, Anderson, Valaika

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We have already heard that Cecil Cooper could be the first manager to lose his job. But, lost in all the mess in Houston is how Ed Wade is doing his best to make sure the Astros will be losing as many games they can in years to come. One prospect on my list for 2009 to keep an eye on was Drew Sutton, who was just announced as the player that goes to the Reds in the Keppinger deal. At 25 years of age, Drew Sutton is not a youngster anymore after spending consecutive years at the AA level. However, for a major league replacement level player such as Keppinger, you don’t give away players like Sutton for nothing.

Wade seems to have a track record of  missing when  recognizing talent, especially at the second base position. In Philadelphia, he did his best to keep Utley off the field. He was the brain trust at playing Polanco at second base, and keeping Utley in minors.

It seems the Reds keep collecting talent and not giving up much. Just talke for example the Adam Dunn rental to the Diamondbacks for Wilkin Castillo and Micah Owens.  Now, just add another notch in the bed post to Walt Jocketty.

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The Reds Chris Dickerson (like it says here) has a track record of the high strikeout numbers.  I decided to take a look back at his minor league performance, and he is pretty consistent with double digit home runs and the 20 or so stolen bases.

HR     RBI  SB    BB    SO   AVG  OBP  SLG  AB    Team-Yr League
6     15    5     17    35  .304 .413 .608 102    CIN-08  (NL)
11     53   26    54    102 .287 .384 .479 349    LOU-08  (AAA)
13     44   23    52    131 .260 .361 .435 354    LOU-07  (AAA)
12     48   21    65    129 .242 .355 .424 389    CHAT-06 (AA)

Dickerson did have an off the charts display in his callup to the major leagues last season.  Dickerson was in the company with some of the best in the game (.608 TB/AB), but this was only a small sample of plate appearances.

So, what can we expect out of the young outfielder who is trying to earn a starting  job with the team. My thought is last season was more than a little above the level we will see out of Dickerson.

I am predicting 14 HRS , .245 BA, 67RBI , and 20 SB.

Lets see what some of the prediction systems say:

Bill James is super high on him. .268BA, 21HR, 37SB, 93RBI

The Chone predictions does not seem that high on him though.

From the scouting perspective, John Sickels thinks the speedster strikes out too much but makes a valuable fouth outfielder. I do think the best compareable I know of is Corey Patterson.

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Just like all the other professional sports who have claimed they owned the events taking place on the field, you lose.

In this PDF, it tells of how the Supreme Court rejects fantasy baseball dispute. Good day for the world of collaboration and sharing information.

In other news, I heard a few items today on the topic of Josh Hamilton. First off, Jim Rome was to have him as a guest in the third hour of the broadcast. His wife and Josh held a Q&A about how support from his family was vital to his comeback. Josh was voted the player of the month for May in the American League. Lastly, there was an item on how the Hamilton’s have switched to an agent that closely resembles their faith. I could care less. If I were Josh, I’d sign on the dotted line before they change their mind on a long term contract. I say that only because Hamilton has a track record with the injuries. Long term money in baseball is guaranteed.

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In a fitting tribute to the QS, Brandon Webb continues the Quality start steak going six innings with 0 ER and picks up the win to make it 6-0 on the season. Lets not forget who he was facing in Jake Peavy who also pitched a good game, but takes the loss.

I told you about James Shields brilliant first year numbers from last year, he backs it up yesterday to complete the sweep against the Red Sox. Lets me say that again, The Rays have swept the Red Sox, and welcome to first place! Let I say, help is also on the way.

In case you missed it, Edwin Volquez who the Reds traded for one of my favorite player Josh Hamilton is fooling many NL batters so far this season. He is an emerging Ace. Talk about a trade that really helps both teams. Too bad John Daniels has made some mistakes along the way. The biggest probably being trading Chris Young for Adam Eaton.

The Pirates fan base seems like another club who thinks their GM is doing no favors for them in releasing Matt Morris. I personally would blame the last GM for acquiring that bad contract, more so than not getting value for Morris when he had some.

To me, the surprise team the first four weeks is the St. Louis Cardinals. This is a team that the experts were saying had a good chance of shutting down Pujols down by mid season. They are in the thick of it in the NL Central. They are doing it with solid role players like Skip Schumaker and Aaron Miles. Tony LaRussa is working some magic. They do have some concerns such as at closer where Isringhausen has blown some games. But, overall its Pujols in his MVP form, along with some surprising good pitching especially from the two Kyles – Lohse and McClellan. They have Mulder and Colby Rasmus who could help later on in the year. By September, maybe Chris Carpenter is there in the mix too.

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Rosenthal On Reds new found pitching talent :

Johnny Cueto, the Reds’ top pitching prospect, is the talk of Florida, and Edinson Volquez, the team’s principal return for Josh Hamilton, also is drawing high praise from rival scouts and executives.

Bonds in Tampa means playoff talk:

According to the CHONE projection system, the Rays would score 36 more runs in 2008 with Bonds in the lineup. In the field the Rays would surrender 7 more runs on defense due to increased playing time for Gomes and Floyd in right field. Overall the Rays would be projected to win 3 more games which ups their win total to 92…smack dab in the middle of the playoff hunt.

AOL Sports and Stats Inc joined at the hip :

STATS Inc and AOL Sports announced that they will keep their longstanding sports content deal going

A weekly blogger roundtable :

What we intend to do as a jumping off point is each week have the participants answer a fantasy question, rotating weekly with each site posting the participants’ responses.

Delmon who? Matt Garza Impresses

David Price Sent to Vero

Here’s Jonny:

Jonny Gomes is more bad ass then Shelley Duncan

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The Hammer moves to the American league in 2008. Its more of a pitcher friendly park in Arlington Texas than what he experienced with the Reds. He is being called a top undervalued pick by David Luicani :

We’re projecting a huge year for Hamilton, much more than we would have expected just a year ago. His power skill looked to be for real, even as he only got just short of 300 at bats. He moves from one good hitter’s park to another good hitter’s park, has high job security and just needs to stay active for a full season to have the breakthrough to true star status, beyond that which he already received in his top prospect days.

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