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With the Rockies signing Hundley to a two year six million dollar contract, its seems to me that Willan Rosario days in a Rockies uniform are numbered. The fact that his defense is suspect and he is arbitration eligible, a trade to the American league makes a lot of sense,

With Rosario in the last year of a long term contract.  i took a flyer on Rosario and traded him.  In return, YaGottaBelieve acquired Tony Cingrani who has an option for a long term contact. As a result, he will be priced at either $10 or $15 in the upcoming season.

That trade now gives YGB two starters from the Reds on its active roster with $27 Bailey and $10 Cingrani. In addition, YGB has two relievers in Rosenthal $7, and $10 Mejia.


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The excellent Roto site Fantasy Phenoms comes out each year with their “Our Boys” .  Some alums from last year include Clayton Richard and Carlos Gonzalez. This year one player they are suggesting is Eric Young Jr:

The need for speed stole only 17 bags in 2010 but has stolen between 46 and 87 bags in each of his last four minor league seasons.  Ey Jr received a lot of playing time in the second half and stole 11 bases in only 140 AB.  If given a chance, he should steal 40.

Negative HR Splits Let’s take a look at which batters have been experiencing positive and negative trends since the break in the homerun department. Jose Lopez 107 – He’s usually a big second half guy.  Be patient.

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The final rosters do not have to be finalized until Sunday afternoon, but looking at what we know today, here’s how I see it in the NL West:

Pos Giants Rockies Padres Dodgers D-Backs
C Molina Ianetta Hundley Martin Montero
1B Huff Helton Gonzalez Loney LaRoche
2B Uribe Barmes Eckstein DeWitt Johnson
SS Renteria Tolowitzki Cabrera Furcal Drew
3B Sandoval Stewart Headley Blake Reynolds
LF DeRosa Gonzalez Blanks Ramirez Jackson
CF Rowand Fowler Gwynn Jr Kemp Young
RF Schierholtz Hawpe Venable Ethier Upton
OF Bowker Smith Hairston Johnson Parra
OF Lewis
Spilboroghs Stairs Anderson Macias
IF Ishikawa Mora Hairston Jr. Amezaga Abreu
IF Veliz Giambi Salazar Belliard Roberts
C Whiteside Olivo Torrealba Ausmus Snyder
SP Lincecum Jimenez Garland Padilla Haren
SP Cain Francis Young Kershaw Jackson
SP Zito Cook Correia Billingsly Kennedy
SP Sanchez de la Rosa Richard
Kuroda Lopez
SP Wellemeyer Hammel Latos Haeger Benson
RP Wilson Morales Bell Broxton Qualls
RP Affeldt Bentacourt Adams Sherill Howry
RP Romo Corpas Gregerson Troncoso Gutierrez
RP Pucetas Flores Gallagher Ortiz Zavada
RP Medders Belisile Mujica Weaver Heilman
RP Runzler Smith Stauffer
Miller Boyer
25th Rohlinger Dayley Russell
Carroll Bailey
  • Giants: Peguero, Ford, Escobar, Cameron, Martinez, Posey, Buress, Sanchez, Torres
  • Rockies : Redding, Beimel, Street, Buchholz, Spier, LoDuca, Eldred, Phelps, Escobar, Hererra, Reynolds
  • Padres: Denorfia, LeBlanc, Antonelli, Cunningham, Durango,Thatcher, Barfield, Munson, Geer, Inman, Poreda
  • Dodgers: Ortiz, Wade, Monasterios, Ayala, Towers, Kuo, Hu, Ellis, Green, Barton, Paul, Belisario
  • D-Backs: Webb, Vazquez, Kroenke, Rosales, Noberto, Ojeda, Ryal, Hester, Mulvey, Buckner, Allen, Gillespie, Augenstein,

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Jorge De La Rosa came onto the Colorado Rockies scene last year, and the team wisely stuck with him even despite his struggles. In 2008 he had an ERA approaching a 5.00, but managed to win 10 games and struck out 128 batters in 130 innings pitched.

It was the Cool De La article over at Fantasy Phenoms this off season that put De Rosa on my radar again. In 2009, De La Rosa owners are being rewarded with his breakout thus far giving up only 15 ER so far in 42 innings pitched. Along the way, he has more than a strikeout per inning pitched with a WHIP of 1.17.

Last night, in a dominant performance against the Pirates, it looked as if De La Rosa would once again be on the receiving end of another loss due to bad run support. He pitched 7 strong innings striking out ten with only one run given up. When he left the game, it looked like he would be in line for a fourth decision, all in the loss column. But, Brad Hawpe would have none of this and belted a home run which took De La Rosa off the hook and Rockies went on to win the game.

This goes to show you how little win and loss records really mean in evaluating pitchers. The Cy Young voters should pay a little more attention to the pitching peripherals than they do to this outdated win and loss record.

This string of bad luck of Jorge De La Rosa with his 0-3 record made me think of Anthony Young  (A.Y.), the New York Mets pitcher who holds the record of bad luck.  Young lost 27 consecutive games in which he had a decision.

Lets hope De La Rosa gets some luck from here on out and gets some decent run support. These are the type of pitchers its fun to root for.

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elongoria-1.jpgThe word on the street is that your Tampa Bay Rays plan on shipping their number one pick Evan Longoria down to minor leagues. The reason they want him to play for the Durham Bulls (which is right in my backyard) has nothing to do with his track record, or his performance this spring.

Mr. Sterneberg has said that in 2008 the Rays are about winning and being competitive, and not about how much profit they make from the television contracts, ticket sales, or on hot dogs and hamburgers. The loyal fans of Tampa have stuck by this organization even though the reputation of the ownership makes a ton of profit for their wallets, instead of making use of all the financial resources they have at there disposal.

The Rays by sending Evan to AAA Durham will allow the franchise to gain an extra year in which Longoria would be eligible to become a free agent and cash in. But, if the Rays franchise is smart, they would realize they will have to pay Longoria anyways, sort of what was done in Colordao with Troy Tulowitzki.

The Rays are on the clock. We will judge them by what they do with this decision. We have heard the words of compete coming from there mouths. We’ll see in the next few days if there words were just that, or if there is substance behind what they say.

There is no question that the 2008 Rays are a better ball club with Evan at the hot corner!

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We are still all geared up for the official LABR results. Here is an update with the Sandlot Shrink checking in with their 2008 draft picks. Bob Radomski runs the NL team, and Larry the AL team. Some interesting picks include:

  • Elite pitcher status in Brandon Webb and Erick Bedard for $30
  • Jayson Nix starter at 2B (hopefully) for Rockies $6
  • Ty Wiggington qualifying at SS for $15

The Vegas win totals:
Tampa Bay 73.5
New York(AL&NL) 93.5
Chicago(NL) 87.5
Los Angeles(NL) 87.5
Baltimore 65.5
Washington 70.5

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How old am I? I can remember when Carlos Delgado was coming up through the Toronto Blue Jays system as a catcher. His potent bat moved him from behind the plate. I guess at the time they had John Olerud at first. The people are saying that Delgado’s recent injury is nothing and he should be okay. I am thinking this will be a nagging injury that may remain all season. What do the Mets do? They have Mike Carp who had a nice spring last year, but was a disappointment the rest of the year. Another 1B prospect on the horizon is Lucas Duda. If I am the Mets I get on the phone with the Colorado Rockies and ask what its going to take to get Joe Koshansky who is buried behind Todd Helton with no opening in sight.

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